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Separating fact from fiction about sun exposure

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(CNN) - Summer is here and that means more time outside.  But you have to be careful about sun exposure.  Knowing the facts about your skin is essential before heading out for some fun in the sun.

Some popular myths:

  • "I'm young, so I don't need to worry about skin cancer." 

"The most common skin cancer in young adults ages 25-29 is melanoma.  It's number 1.  And we're seeing more non-melanoma in that young adult and even late teen group," said dermatologist Dr. Marcus Stonecipher.

  • "Doctors recommend a sunscreen with SPF or sun protection factor of at least 15."

"That's changed in the last year.  It was 15 or higher.  It's now 30 or higher," explained Dr. Stonecipher.

  • "You can't get sun exposure sitting indoors in front of a window or in your car."

"That is a myth," Dr. Stonecipher said.  "Glass does block out most of the burning rays or the UVB, but it does not filter UVA, so UVA, which also causes skin cancer and premature aging, does penetrate and come through glass.  So in the car, by the window at work, sunscreen is needed."

  • "The only reason to avoid tanning is to prevent skin cancer."

Wrinkling, premature aging, brown spots, sagging skin, that also is something you see from those tans.

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