Ally Venable is a powerhouse blues rock guitarist and singer. She says she's been singing since she could talk, and picked up a guitar when she was just 12 years old.

Venable has had her own band for about four years and is still in high school!

Their most recent project, No Glass Shoes, continues to make waves in Texas and beyond. Her voice is soulful and gritty and she covers many blues songs like Bonnie Raitt's "Love Me Like a Man."

Venable plans to attend college while still pursuing her music career.

“God gave me a gift. I want to use what he gave me." Venable said. "Hopefully I can get far with it. I can’t see myself not doing music.”

Learn more about Ally Venable Band here.

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Upcoming shows:

  • Downtown Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX - Oct. 14
  • Rockers Riders and Rides. Longview, TX - Oct. 20
  • Wunderfull Octoberfest, Longview TX - Oct. 28