NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A British man has taken the drunken online purchase to the next level by claiming to have bought a random plot of land in North Little Rock.

Reddit user, Mark Hall otherwise known as Coffeeisforclosers_, posted on the Little Rock subreddit asking if anyone in the group knew where the plot of land was. As it turns out, Hall claimed he bought the small piece of land. In the comments, the user said the purchase was "more than a beer."

The Leeds native used a website called BidSpotter, which helps to find items such as real estate to bid on in online auctions similar to eBay.

Users were quick to spot the location, which is on the 900 block of I Street in North Little Rock, just a bit north of the Tyson Foods plant.

The plot of land sits next to Walnut Grove Baptist Church. One user, ElectronSpiderwort, managed to dig up that the land was previously owned by the church in 2010. The estimated taxes per year on it, according to, would be roughly $40 per year.



Hall said he had no idea where the land was or even if it was a good or bad purchase. As for the plans after purchasing, the user has a few ideas.

"[I] thought it would be funny to buy it and put up a sign with my mate's face on and wait for a Google car to drive past," Hall said.

In the comments, he also said he'd actually like to put the land to good use, asking for any other ideas. The idea was floated around to set up a tent and put it on Airbnb and one user even mentioned a community garden.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of this drunken purchase whether it be a sign with a face on it or an actual garden for the neighbors.