A Houston hero named Shane finally got a chance to meet a California angel named Kathy this week, more than a decade after fate first brought them together.

Kathy Eaves-DiGiacomo decided to send care packages to soldiers overseas and was randomly given Shane Parks’ name.

Shane was deployed in Iraq from March 2004 to 2005. Kathy ended up “adopting” his entire platoon and she showered them with gifts.

“It seemed like every few weeks the next shipment was bigger than the last. We would have to take the Humvee over just to pick up the boxes,” Shane said. “We had three bunk beds in a small room for five guys and we couldn’t move because of the boxes.”

Shane Parks on a tower overlooking Baghdad

As word spread, Kathy began receiving thousands of dollars a month in donations and organizing packing parties with co-workers.

“She sent us a Christmas tree, a microwave, handheld game devices, silly string, Halloween masks, phone cards, more food and hygiene products then one platoon could use,” Shane said. “What she did was something incredible!”

It was a blessing for the soldiers who called themselves “The Blacksheep.”

"The Blacksheep"

“We were just a bunch of young kids who were lucky enough to have her in our life,” Shane said.

When Shane’s deployment ended, he gave Kathy the name of a distant cousin who had just been deployed and her team began sending packages to the cousin and his platoon.

Shane finally got to meet Kathy and thank her in person this week when she came to visit her daughter in Houston for Thanksgiving.

Click here if you'd like to send care packages to troops overseas.