A Facebook movement with thousands of local followers has people in Tyler out searching for rocks this summer.

We're not talking about your average stones, but instead, ones with unique designs painted on.

April Roycroft, a mom of five, started the "Tyler, Texas Rocks" Facebook Group last Thursday.

She came across the idea while visiting her hometown of Silsbee, Texas.

"When we came home, my kids wanted to paint rocks so I decided to start it here in Tyler," Roycroft said.

The stones, with varying designs, are creating buzz around town. So much so, the Facebook group attracted 3,000 members in its first week. They're now posting photos of their creations along with clues on where to find them.

"We started hiding rocks around that we had painted and just kind of told people what to do," said Roycroft.

When someone finds a rock, they can either re-hide it or keep it, Roycroft explained.

"If you keep it, we ask you paint other rocks to replace those," she said.

In addition, she's asking people to include a printed tag on the bottom of their rocks that includes "#tylertexasrocks."

"That way, if they go out of Tyler, we'll still be able to tell they are ours," she said.

The rock hunting has Roycroft's children, ages 3-15, trading their electronic devices for paintbrushes.

"That's what it's all about, having fun with your kids or friends and painting and just giving joy to someone," said Roycroft.

Grace Houston, 9, was among those out hunting at Bergfeld Park on Wednesday.

"It's something to do, so you don't have to just sit around," said Houston. "So you can get outside and enjoy it."

Grace and her little brother, Jax, aren't the only ones enjoying the search. Their mom is too.

"I had fun painting them also," said Melissa Houston. "That was my favorite."

Roycroft said this is not limited to people inside Tyler city limits. She encouraged people in surrounding communities to participate.