A 21-year-old California woman’s post about sneaking her grandma’s dog into the hospital has taken over social media.

Shelby Hennick, a 21-year-old vet tech, posted on her Twitter, “My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog. So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it.” Her tweet has been shared over 129,000 times and over 540,000 people favorited the tweet.

"Yes I snuck a small little dog into a hospital to make my grandma happy. No the dog didn't kill anyone," Hennick wrote on her Instagram.

Her grandma, Donna, had a bad reaction to one of her medications and it almost paralyzed her, she was unable to walk for two days and continued to fall over.

Photo courtesy of Shelby Hennick

Hennick told 5 On Your Side it was her mom’s idea, but she happened to have a blanket in her car at the time.

When she first arrived at the hospital, her grandma Donna thought it was her nephew wrapped in the blanket. Donna has had her dog, Patsy, for about 13 years.

Photo courtesy of Shelby Hennick

Hennick has received so much feedback, “I didn’t think there was even this many people on Twitter,” she said.

She’s also received negative feedback, “I've been getting a lot of negative comments from people, but honestly I would do it again. Not because of the attention, but because I'd do anything to make my family happy.”

She tweeted people were reaching out to her from all over the world, including Brazil, Uganda and Australia.
Since the hospital visit, grandma Donna is doing much better, Hennick said.

Someone even confessed to doing the same thing for their grandpa when he was in the hospital, “but ours wasn’t as easy to sneak in,” Micah wrote on Twitter.