MONTVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A family in Montville had quite the surprise when they located their missing dog over the weekend.

The 6-year-old miniature schnauzer went missing last Thursday.

"After a few hours I was getting nervous," dog owner Merrie Bettler said. "And finally, four hours later, her brother came back and then she didn't show up."

After days of searching, along with help from the community, Bettler feared the worst. They even brought in friends with a search and rescue dog that seemed to point to a small hole in the woods, but the family did not believe it.

“My husband went to bed," Bettler said. "He did not believe this could really happen.:"

It was not until they checked there again late Saturday night and heard her underground.

"I just could not believe how elaborate the tunnel system was," said Jessica Pilley. "And at that point, they said they heard her, so we knew there was a reason for digging."

Bettler even called in the Montville Fire Department to help.

Pilley said one told her, "We get a call for a fire and I'll drive 60-70 miles per hour to get there. I drove 90 so I could be there [to save the dog]."

After a couple hours of digging, Bettler’s daughter Stacy felt Moxie’s nose.

"We finally got her out and she shook and I handed her up to my parents and acted like nothing happened,” Stacy said.

The family is now praising their friends, community and firefighters for their help.

"I think we have a really great community," Stacy said. "Everybody that shared it on Facebook had so many friends that were willing to help."

The miraculous part: Moxie is entirely unfazed.

"I'm so relieved. We were sure we weren't going to see her again,” Bettler said.

The little dog proving her name has meaning.

"She's a little devil dog,” Bettler said.