More than a dozen pilots will be flying their World War II aircrafts into Tyler this Saturday to put on display. Guests will be able to take a close look at these planes, along with the aircrafts already on exhibit at the museum. It's part of the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum's annual fly-in. Louis Thomas, president of the museum, says planes won't be the only novelties featured.

"It's a family event because not only are we going to have airplanes, we're going to have antique cars here so we're going to have the old model Fords, the classic cars, the muscle cars and some military vehicles from the World War II era," said Thomas.

Those seeking a thrill, will even have the chance to buy a ride on one of the World War II planes.

"People really like to go up in these planes because it's open," said Thomas. "You're sitting in a cockpit where you're outside. You can put your hands out in the wind and everything."

Thomas says, this event isn't just about having a good time. It's also about teaching history.

"It's teaching them something about our history, and that's what's important," said Thomas. "You know, we must know our history. We must know where we came from, because if we don't, we don't know where we're going."