As big banks shed brick-and-mortar branches left and right, it’s never been more important for financial services to reach consumers where they are: their smartphones. In the past five years alone, adoption of mobile banking more than doubled, while the number of people banking on tablets increased more than eightfold, according to recent findings from Javelin.

That being said, mobile banking technology is still relatively new. And when it comes to creating a digital banking experience that is as simple as a quick trip to the local bank branch, some banks are certainly doing better than others.

In its third annual Mobile Banking App Study, MagnifyMoney compiled the ratings of iOS and Android banking apps from over 100 of the biggest banks and credit unions, including the 50 largest banks and 50 largest credit unions along with a selection of top online direct banks.

The data, collected from iTunes and Google Play the week of November 30, 2016, was used to create a composite 1 to 5 rating, factoring a weighted average of the ratings from both the iOS and Android platforms. We ranked each app based on its rating score. This year’s results include comparisons to 2015 to see which banks and credit union apps have most improved and deteriorated.

The Top 10 Largest Bank Apps Ranked by Ratings

1. (tie) Chase: 4.5
2. (tie) Capital One: 4.5
3. SunTrust: 4.1
4. Wells Fargo: 4.0
5. (tie) Bank of America: 3.9
5. (tie) TD Bank: 3.9
7. (tie) PNC: 3.9
8. Citibank: 3.8
9. HSBC: 3.5
10. BB&T: 2.8

The 10 Worst Bank App Ratings Overall

1. First Tech Federal Credit Union: 1.9
2. VyStar Credit Union: 2.0
3. Investors Bank: 2.1
4. Patelco Credit Union: 2.2
5. Umpqua Bank 2.3
6. Logix: 2.3
7. Tinker Federal Credit Union: 2.6
8. American Airlines Credit Union: 2.7
9. First National Bank: 2.7
10. EverBank: 2.7