(Athens) – Sheriff Botie Hillhouse and team are turning up the heat on two cold murder cases, bringing them to Austin to have the Sheriff’s Association of Texas Cold Case Review Team review the cases with the Sheriff’s Office.

“These cases are cold,” Hillhouse said. “But they are not gone, forgotten, ignored or put on some back burner. I want these cases solved, prosecuted and suspects convicted for their terrible crimes.”

The body of Shelly Watkins was found floating in the Trinity River just west of Seven Points on Labor Day in 1993. Ricky Gene Herriage’s body was discovered March 8, 1987 under a bridge, next to Walnut Creek.

Hillhouse – with Major Bryan Tower and Investigator Jerry Corder – traveled to Austin Wednesday and made a presentation to the Sheriff’s Association of Texas Cold Case Review Team to have more eyes look into the cases.

“We are doing everything we can to solve these crimes,” Hillhouse said. “I want everyone to know these cases are not forgotten. We will continue to gather the evidence needed to solve them and bring the suspects to justice.”

The Cold Case team is made up of numerous specialized professionals including doctors, prosecutors, analysts, lab technicians, retired judges, and State, Federal, and local law enforcement officials which helps tremendously when trying to cover all aspects of a case.

“We will continue our investigation. The cases can be solved we just have more work to do. We will do our best and keep these cases active trying to bring the suspects to justice. If anyone has any information on these cases please notify the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office at 903-675-5128 or call crime stoppers at 800-545-TIPS,” Sheriff Hillhouse said.