A Canton woman who knows loss all too well after losing the man she loves is now faced with starting over after the farm he left her was destroyed in a tornado.

Patrice Reed and Roy Malone lived on his Canton farm together for 12 years. Reed said this farm was Ron Malone’s pride and joy, his hobby. He retired there with his pets, who were family. When he met Reed, she said the first thing he did was show off the farm. They each battled cancer together until he lost his fight two years ago.

“I have not moved anything of his and I wanted it to be like he was still with me,” Reed said tearfully. “Now everything is moved, everything is gone.”

Since his passing, she said always went to the farm to feel his presence.

“I felt like he was going to walk out of the door at any minute and just come and help me,” she said. “I had my animals and all of them don’t understand why their papas gone.”

The EF-4 twister left all 20 acres flattened, including trees, their 40-foot travel trailer, their camping trailer,a truck and much more.

They did not have insurance but Patrice says she’s glad Ron did not have to witness the destruction himself.

“He was the love of my life,” she said. “I miss him very much.”

Through it all, Patrice maintained a positive attitude. She said she will take care of what is left of their farm till the end.

“I sat out here last night and could feel his presence,” she said. “’You're a tough old girl,’ he used to say, ‘You can get through most anything.”

Reed said most of her animals are accounted for but she is still missing some cats.

Volunteers have been helping her clear the debris from the land. Right now, she is in need of coops for their surviving chickens, a barn for their other animals, a Conex container, security lights for night time, a tank for a well, posts to erect fences back up, electrical wiring, and a person with a trencher to bury wiring.