The City of Tyler Main Street Department is working to raise money for downtown revitalization projects through an art canvas sale called the “6x6@110” fundraiser at Gallery Main Street.

This is the sixth year for this fundraiser and hundreds of pieces are up for sale. Each piece is unique because they were all created by a different person in the community.

Hundreds of six-by-six canvases are handed out, used to make all types of art, and later returned to the gallery to be put up for sale.

Organizers say every year the fundraiser grows in popularity.

“People feel engaged with the gallery. it is a municipal gallery so public engagement is our mission,” said Beverly Abell, the department leader for the City of Tyler Main Street Department. “People really feel part of the family and feel like they contributed to supporting this."

Some of the artwork is chosen for an auction that runs through the end of the month.