The jury spent less than an hour in deliberations before returning a guilty verdict on one count of capital murder for William Michael Hudson in connection with the deaths of Hannah and Carl Johnson at a campsite in Tennessee Colony, TX in 2015.

The trial began Nov. 1 in Brazos County, instead of Anderson County where the killings happened, to escape potential jury bias.

According to the Texas Attorney General's office, Hudson was originally charged with three counts of capital murder in connection to the deaths of 6 members of the Johnson family, including a 6-year-old boy.

According to KAGS reporter Jay O'brien, during proceedings Hudson sat facing forward with his eyes fixed on the witness stand. He rarely if ever glanced at the family of the victims, sitting behind him, nor did he glance at the jury box.

Hudson was indicted in December 2016 for the capital murders of Carl Johnson, 76; his daughter, Hannah Johnson, 40; his grandson, Kade, 6; Thomas Kamp, 45, and his two sons, Nathan, 23, and Austin, 21, at a campsite in Tennessee Colony.

Indictments confirmed investigators’ findings that Hudson, who lived next to the campsite, was drinking with the group when he accompanied four of them into the surrounding woods and shot them to death. The documents said Hudson returned alone to the campsite to kill Carl Johnson and his daughter in the trailer.

Cynthia Johnson, the wife of Carl Johnson and mother of Hannah, was the only survivor. Johnson reportedly hid from the assailant when she heard the shots in the woods. She called the sheriff’s office to report the murders.

The punishment trial is next and Hudson is facing the death penalty.