Hurricane Harvey's historic flooding has left thousands of people displaced, including one evacuee couple who gave birth to their first born child in Temple.

Marissa Salinas was not expecting her daughter to arrive for another month, but when the floods hit last week, life moved a little faster than she anticipated.

Salinas started feeling labor pains at her home in Manvel, Texas --- just south of Houston.

Then, Salinas was told she would have to travel in order to find a hospital that was open due to Harvey's flooding in the Houston area. Salinas's fiance, Jordan Aguirre, was surrounded by water in Houston, and would have to stay behind.

After a harrowing drive to Temple, which included traveling through closed roads and flooded underpasses, Salinas arrived at Baylor Scott & White around 2 a.m. She later gave birth to her daughter, Aviana.

Not much later, Aguirre made it to the hospital as well, and was reunited with his family.

Aguirre and Salinas said the entire process was nerve wracking.

"We were already in a truck that was pretty lifted, and the water was already coming up to the windows, and we were in a long stretch, so it was like we were in this and we had to go," Salinas said.

"I just prayed and waited for the streets and the water to clear up," Aguirre said. "Finally, I took the opportunity to go, she told me not to. She told me to wait, but you cant miss your baby girl being born."

Aviana was born Tuesday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. -- she and Salinas are both healthy.

Both Salinas and Aguirre said despite losing almost everything in the floods, they are grateful they were able to bring their daughter into this world safe and sound.