David McCullough, known as Kornpop the Klown, performed for Charlotte's Web Child Care Center in Jacksonville Thursday in front of a delighted crowd of children.

A Chandler resident, Kornpop has devoted his life to living for smiles.

The jovial, award-winning, certified balloon artist is so wildly popular, he said he performs 300 shows per year.
He travels worldwide to meet the demand, but he said being Kornpop is a calling for him, a ministry.

"The day before yesterday I got up and I put on my makeup and I put on my big shoes,” he told the group of Charlotte’s Web children. “I went to the hospital and make the people laugh that were waiting to go into surgery. Then I even got to go into some of the rooms and make them laugh!”

Internationally organizations, like Children's Miracle Network, call on Kornpop to bring laughter to hurting children.

Judging from the magic on the faces of the kids at Charlotte’s Web Childcare, Kornpop has a gift.

Marlee Hulstine is 8-years-old, and her eyes lit up when Kornpop performed magic tricks.

“When he was dancing, he was shakin’ his butt,” she said giggling. “I like his clothes a lot and his red nose."

When people smile, Kornpop says he feels fulfilled. A calling so great, he legally changed his name to Kornpop to match the person he said he truly is.

“I been a clown ever since I was 12 years old,” he told the group of eagerly listening children. “Even when I talk to God, you know what? I think God calls me Kornpop."

It was an easy decision with the support of his wife and family.

"’Is it ok with you if I go and legally change my name?,’” he said he asked his wife. “She said ‘it's fine with me that's all anybody calls you anyway.’"

It's a change he says he knows is meant to be, as he continues his calling entertaining families everywhere he goes.

“I love making people laugh,” he said. “I love making people smile and that’s what I feel like God intended me to do."

Kornpop travels to train other clowns how to master the art of laughter.

He is also a balloon extraordinaire -- if you want something, he can probably make it.

Kornpop said he spends nearly $17,000 a year on just his balloon creations.

For more information visit his website or Facebook page.