Gladewater Police release more details in an officer-involved shooting Thursday afternoon during a press conference.

Patrick Wise, 34-years-old, of Gladewater, was shot and killed during a traffic stop Saturday Nov 5, 2016 at approximately 12:47 a.m. in the 1300 block of West Upshur of Gladewater.

During the traffic stop, Wise led officers on a chase, Wise then jumped out of the vehicle and officer Robert Carlson chased him and was able to catch up with him ordering him to stop.

Carlson began arguing with officer Carlson at which time, officer Carlson used a taser on Wise with little or no effect.. The officer and wise then got into a “physical altercation” according to Gladewater Police Chief Robert Vine.

Chief Vine said Wise taunted officer Carlson and said “I’ve got your gun”…

A statement released by Chief Vine stated:

Towards the end of the physical altercation Officer Carlsen can be heard asking Wise "Do you justt walk away?" follow by the question, "do you want to go?" to which Wise replies, "Let me go now." Wise and Officer Carlsen can be heard discussing Wise leaving the scene and at one point during this exchange Wise states, "Don't (expletive) shoot me. If you shoot me, I swear to God, I've got a strap in my pocket and I'll (expletive) kill you".

Moments before the officer's weapon is discharged, Wise can be heard telling Officer Carlsen to "stay down" multiple times and states, "get on the ground now or I'm going shoot you." Officer Carlsen is then heard saying, "Alright, I'm down". Wise then states, "If you shoot me with that Taser, you're dead". Wise tells the officer to put the Taser down and Officer Carlsen says, "I don't have it bro see?" Officer Carlsen then says, "It's not on".

Officer Carlsen can then be heard saying the word, "please". Wise is heard saying, "Get away from me now" right before the officer discharges his weapon. After the officer discharged his weapon, EMS was requested immediately to respond to the scene. Wise was not transported by EMS to a hospital due to his being deceased at the scene.

The Texas Rangers are handling the investigation.