Sidney Davis, a Glenn Heights City Council member, was jailed Thursday for sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child.

The Texas Rangers were asked to investigate the assault, and as a result Davis was arrested without incident and held at the Dallas County Jail on July 13.

“I think the public record speaks for itself. There are currently two positions within the city," Glenn Heights Deputy City Manager David Hall said. "On the one hand, that there isn’t much point in commenting on what’s already there in the public record, and on the other hand, there is question about Mr. Davis' current legal ability to continue serving on this city council. If he is found guilty, of course, by law, he will immediately be removed from his position.”

The City of Glenn Heights released the following statement to WFAA:

"The City of Glenn Heights has been made aware of a law enforcement investigation and subsequent arrest involving a city council member. The investigation was conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety."

The case is still under investigation.