Sometimes it doesn't take a village to accomplish a goal, just some Good Samaritans with reliable pickups.

That's what Robbie Hunt and pals were doing Tuesday afternoon around Tyler.

Hunt says he and his friends, Tyler Blackmon and Shleby MCcoy, were out riding around helping drivers get back on the roads when they saw some tractor-trailers stuck on Loop 323.

So they stopped to help.

In one video, the group hooked two pickup trucks together and managed to pull the tractor-trailer up the incline. But it took four...count 'em... four pickup trucks to haul the second tractor-trailer to better ground!

"The four truck pull was because the guy said he had like 36,000 pounds in his trailer!" Hunt explains.

Hunt also explained that his wife, Tiffany, was behind the camera.

That's what happens when you combine East Texas giving spirit and a little ingenuity. Way to go everyone. Thanks for helping!