Despite reports of many gasoline stations running out of fuel, and abnormally long lines at those that still have supply, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday that there is a healthy amount of fuel in the state -- and in the nation.

“The facts are, there is plenty of fuel, plenty of gasoline, in the United States of America. There is plenty of gasoline in Texas,” Gov. Abbott said a press conference addressing Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. “We are ensuring an even greater supply of gasoline so we can tamp down any concern about accessibility to fuel that people may want to access over the course of the coming Labor Day weekend.”


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Gov. Abbott said that the state has been working with all sectors of the oil and gas community, including refineries, pipelines, operators and retailers, over the past two days to alleviate concerns over the possibility of a shortage. He confirmed that more fuel is coming to Texas:

• A fuel pipeline from Texas to Oklahoma has been reversed, with fuel now traveling from Oklahoma to Texas.

• Refineries are coming back up in Corpus Christi and Three Rivers to help provide a greater supply.

• The port of Corpus Christi has opened with barges coming in Friday and in the following days to deliver fuel.

• Fuel is being shipped to Texas from Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Abbot said he also signed a waiver addressing certain regulations on fuel truckers to ensure gasoline supplies can be more swiftly delivered to Texas from other states.

“The bottom line is that the state of Texas will have plenty a gasoline showing up at stations across the state of Texas,” said Gov. Abbott. “So don’t worry, we will not run out and we will be back into our normal pattern before you know it.”

Experts with AAA said that the increased rush of demand has complicated transportation, adding to delivery times. They say that if you can manage, waiting a few days to fill up can help ease demand.