A Gregg County Grand Jury has indicted a woman accused of kidnapping a Kilgore College Rangerette late last year.

Nancy Alice Motes faces first degree felonies in three charges encompassed in two counts for aggravated kidnapping after grand jurors for the 188th District Court returned an indictment, filed last week.

The first count includes aggravated kidnapping with intent to terrorize Alexa Blair and aggravated kidnapping with deadly weapon against the young woman, daughter of Rangerettes Director Dana Blair. The second count against Motes is aggravated kidnapping by deadly force against Dana Blair.

Motes, 58, of Kilgore, was arrested in December after reportedly kidnapping Alexa Blair at gunpoint Dec. 29 from her home in Longview and holding her in a storage unit in Rusk County.

According to the two-page indictment June 22, grand jurors for the district court's 2017 January-June term found Motes intentionally and knowingly abducted Alexa Blair, restricting her movements without her consent to "interfere substantially with her liberty." Motes then moved Blair from one place to another "with the intent to prevent her liberation, by secreting or holding her in a place where she was not likely to be found."

A second charge relates to the use of a deadly weapon in the aggravated kidnapping of Alexa Blair, a sophomore at Kilgore College this fall and a member of the world famous drill team.

In addition to the information included in the first charge, the jurors found Motes "did then and there use or exhibit a deadly weapon, to-wit: a firearm, during the commission of the offense.

The second count – and third charge – against Motes is connected to her kidnapping of Dana Blair. Jurors found Motes abducted Blair with the intent to terrorize, and restricted her movements without consent, confining her "to prevent her liberation, by using or threatening to use deadly force, namely by threatening D. Blair with a firearm, a deadly weapon."

An employee in the Gregg County district attorney office on Wednesday afternoon noted Motes' indictment has been filed but no hearings have yet been scheduled. The county's judicial records currently list no legal counsel for Motes.

Look for more details in Saturday's edition of the Kilgore News Herald.