A wife whose husband died in a tragic accident is trying to find one of the last things he held and painted with his family.

Tyler, Texas Rocks is a Facebook group that encourages spreading joy and love by painting and hiding rocks throughout the community.

Robbin's husband, Murray, wanted to get in on the fun, and with the help of his grandchildren, painted two rocks and hid them around Whitehouse the first part of August.

A few days later, Murray was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Now Robbin is looking for those last links to her husband, posting a heartfelt plea on the Tyler, Texas Rocks Facebook page:

Robbin Clark > Tyler, Texas Rocks Facebook page  

She has gotten the alligator back, but is still waiting on the return of the duck.

Her original post was shared over 5,000 times and has over 1,000 reactions as the community worked to help fulfill her request.

One family is now offering a $100 reward for the return of the duck, posting in Tyler, Texas Rocks Facebook page:

OK I'm offering a $100 reward for the DUCK in the PIC to be returned to Robbin Clark and when confirmed by her that she got the orignal ROCK DUCK the REWARD WILL FOR SURE 100% BE PAID BY MY WIFE AND I PLEASE RESHARE AND REPOST !!!!! THANKS!!!!! MIKE !!!!! LETS GET THIS ROCK DUCK HOME !!!!!! COMMUNITY

According to Robbin, the duck was hidden at Whitehouse Park on top of the tall gray steps.

Painted rocks are becoming popular in areas beyond East Texas, so no one knows how far the duck might have traveled. The duck will have "Whitehouse Texas Rocks 2017" on the underside.

Please share Robbin's story, and if you find this rock, please contact the Tyler, Texas Rocks Facebook Group and someone will get in touch with Robbin to coordinate its return.