Christus Trinity Mother Francis Hospital and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals held a joint press conference Tuesday to announce CMN's 2017 Miracle Child, Destiny Mirah Williams.

Destiny's story is one of song, dance and joy. She was diagnosed shortly after birth with Sickle Cell Disease, an inherited, chronic, incurable condition that results in red blood cells becoming misshapen and breaking down in the body. The only treatment is to manage the pain that accompanies a flare-up.

“It is amazing how this small error in the gene causes so many problems for so much of the body,” shares CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic pediatrician, Dr. Paul Pitts.

Destiny has learned to manage her condition, but still suffers 'aplastic crises' (this occurs when rigid, sticky, misshapen red blood cells get stuck in the body's small blood vessels, and is very painful) at least twice a year. Despite this and other recent diagnoses that are complications of Sickle Cell, she is full of optimism and joy. As she says, “I’m fortunate because for some people with Sickle Cell, pain crises can be much worse than mine.”

Destiny is an avid reader, enjoys sign language, and loves being a “normal” teenage girl.

“Destiny’s future is going to be good due to advances in medical care,” concludes Dr. Pitts, “along with her determination, and the love and support of her family.”

You can help children like Destiny Williams by supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. One hundred percent of the funds raised locally for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals stay at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System to provide life-saving pediatric equipment and medical services to children in our area.