This week, actor Patrick Dempsey shared on social media his favorite place for pie in Texas: Sadler’s Kitchen in Jacksonville.

The photo collage featuring Mrs. Jan Gowin, mother of Sadler’s owner Rob Gowin, has gone viral in East Texas.

Mrs. Gowin is a biology teacher at Jacksonville High School who proudly uses a flip phone. When she heard about all the buzz, Gowin called her son in search of an explanation.

”[She said] ‘I just went to Wal-Mart and everyone stopped me and asked me questions. What’s going on,” Rob recalled his mom asking. “I said ‘well mom there’s this thing called trending and right now you’re trending on social media.”

While Dempsey enjoys the house specialty lemon icebox pie, Gowin said the off-menu banana cream pie is actually his favorite.

As a result of the recent social media attention, they plan to debut the “McDreamy Banana Cream Pie” on the Sadler’s menu this weekend.

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