GREGG COUNTY - Sheryia Grant was a mother-to-be, she was excited to have first born. Every other Facebook post was about her and her unborn child. Grant posted up until August 19, then the 20 year old went missing.

The times the Grant family spoke to CBS 19, the family said they had no clue where she's been. Since she was reported missing, they've been scrambling to find the slightest hint of good news.

On the 30th of August, Grant's family announced a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to her whereabouts. That same week after foul play was suspected, the Kilgore police changed the missing person case to a criminal investigation. Also, the Gregg county crime stoppers said they would offer up to a thousand dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest.

Nearly a month after she went missing, the house she shared with her sister burned to the ground. However, Kilgore authorities did not believe it had anything to do with their investigation. In October, the Gregg county crime stoppers increased the reward to five thousand dollars.

Grant would've turned 21 on the 17th of November. Police wouldn't share anymore information about the investigation, until March 8. Police arrested 22 year old Laneshia Young and 28 year old Allen Sutton Jr. according to the grant family, Sutton is believed to be the father of Sheryia's child.

Even though two people responsible were put behind bars, Kilgore investigators say this case is far from over. The evidence gathered convinced them Grant was murdered shortly after she was reported missing. In the meantime, the Grant family is still left waiting for answers.