LONGVIEW - The 24 hour prayer service is called the 'Novena Prayer'. It's a nine-day biblical tradition that thousands of Catholic churches across the nation are doing the night before the election.

A handful of people of in the chapel at St. Mary's Catholic church prayed for peace in the community. Father Mark Kusmirek is the pastor at the church and he said the church teaches people to be involved as citizens, especially when it's time to vote for the next president.

"[We] Prepare ourselves, prepare our minds and hearts as we get ready to vote," Kusmirek said. "That's how we allow our fair faith to live by being good citizens."

The reverend said he understood how the 2016 election can make a community divisive. He hoped the prayer service brought people together.

"Prayer may not change everyone else but it changes us," Kusmirek said.

This is something Ana Walker can agree with. She said at the church, it doesn't matter what a person's political views are.

"No matter their views, our job is to lift each other up not tear each other down," Walker said.

2016 is believed to be the most influential election of this generation. Walker agreed it's important to exercise the right to vote.