Several east Texans are under arrest after a Smith County Sheriff's Patrol deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle, resulting in an arrest of a woman for possessing a controlled substance.

After arresting the woman and taking her to the Smith County Sheriff's Office, detectives interviewed her. During that interview, the woman disclosed information about a burglary investigation pertaining to a burglary at Arp High School.

The Arp High School burglary was initially investigated by the Arp Police Department.

Once Smith County Detectives got in contact with police in Arp, they were able to obtain one search warrant and two arrest warrants.

When police executed those warrants, two suspects were arrested for Burglary of a Building.

Law enforcement has released the identities of the two men arrested. The first on is Anthony W. Frazier, a 48-year-old man whose bond is set at $100,000. The second is Nicholas Burkhart, a 31-year-old man whose bond is also set at $100,000.

While police were arresting the men, they also found property valued at several thousand dollars including firearms, a trailer, generators and a welder. A large amount of methamphetamine was also recovered.

Police also gathered information about a related address on Phoenix Drive. Detectives went to the address and subsequently seized drug paraphernalia and conducted several interviews.

The burglary case from Arp Police has since been cleared.