For 42 years the Harvest Festival and Livestock Show in Longview has been giving kids the opportunity to showcase their livestock and win scholarships. This year the competition was fierce as kids age 9 to 18 competed.

"I love pigs and treat them like my babies," Ten year old Carlee Pieper says. "I want to grow up and raise all kinds of animals."

Future Farmers of America and 4-H Club kids compete in the yearly competition. The goal is to win a blue ribbon and qualify for the sale event. The sale event allows buyers the opportunity to purchase the prized animals.

Cows, pigs, sheep, turkeys, and other animals are among those in the sale event Even though many want to sell their animal,. some kids can't let them go.

"My pig is name Fancy and she isn't going to be sold," Pieper says. "After this event she is going to become a mom so I can raise more pigs."

Organizer Jimmy Arp tells me throughout the years this festival has raised a total of one million dollar in scholarships. He hopes to continue this tradition as he watched his son compete in the lamb competition.

"It's very challenging to work with animals, "Arp's son Eli says. "The lamb I am with right now needs more training."

The festival will continue Saturday morning with more of the cattle competition. Later that night the Champions dinner and sale event. All of this is happening at the Longview Fairgrounds.

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