The SPCA of Texas and the Rusk County Sheriff's Office seized 46 animals on Tuesday from a property near Henderson in Rusk County.

Among the group of animals were 28 dogs, nine kittens, six puppies, two cats, and one turtle.

All but one of the dogs were found outside, chained onto metal bars that were sunk into the ground as well as trees and other objects.

The animals were found without access to an adequate food or water supply.

One dog and all of the cats were found in RV-type structure on the property, confined in a cruel manner and forced to live in their own excrements.

The turtle was found in a small plastic pool outside.

Investigators even found the remains of multiple deceased dogs on the property, but they were too decomposed to move.

All animals that were still alive on the property were taken to the SPCA of Texas' Animal Rescue Center. They will be examined by medical staff and looked after until the custody hearing is held.

As of now, the animals seem to have varying health concerns, including admonishment, hair loss, long nails, eye discharge and fleas.

The hearing is scheduled on July 6, at 2 p.m. at 7933 State Highway 42 South in Henderson, Texas.