Michael had Bubbles. Sandy and Bud had Flipper. Jackie Paper had 'Puff', Han Solo even had Chewbacca.

While you may typically think of raccoons as wild woodland animals. We're told they can also make excellent pets.

Take the Bryant family of Tyler. They've been unofficially adopted by 'Bandit'.

The Bryant's neighbor cuts trees down for a living. Bandit was in one of them. When no mother could be found, he was taken in, and raised from a baby.

His time is generally spent doing outdoorsy raccoon stuff like stealing your garbage in the middle of the night. However, the aptly named 'Bandit'... also manages to steal hearts.

Bandit the raccoon.

Patrolling the rafters on the front porch, and sitting on shoulders and nibbling ears are just some of Bandit's endearing qualities. But the Bryant's have recently discovered that Bandit also has a bit of a daredevil streak. Bandit rides bikes.

While your more typical childhood love story may involve a boy and his dog... such is a tale of Caleb and Bandit.

Caleb Bryant discovered Bandit's talent by accident. Now the two are inseparable biking buddies. Making memories, as they trail into the sunset... one bike ride after another.