There are 10 games in a regular football season, but Grace Christian School adds one more.

Once a year, the football team and kids from Azleway Boys Ranch spend time together for a series of events. It's been a tradition since 2006 for them to meet up and play. To Coach Norman Thompson, it's a chance for the boys to be a kid. He said it's about bringing joy when they visit.

"We just like to hold something and give them this opportunity," Thompson said. "Show them there's people that care about them."

Football players usually get to teach the boys a few drills and plays, then they play a game of seven-on-seven. The Grace team goes above and beyond to make the moments memorable for the boys.

Sam Brink and Caleb Glenney are Grace high school seniors, making it the last time they'll get to spend time with the boys from Azleway.

"Nothing makes you feel better than contributing to someone else's happiness," Brink said.

Brink's teammate, Glenney, said players start to bond with boys. He described the activities as heartwarming when they spend time together.

"The smile on their faces is something I'll never forget," Brink said.

After the game, the boys from Azleway and Grace enjoy dinner and fellowship.