Since the riot in Charlottesville, confederate monuments have been under scrutiny. City leaders around the nation called to remove anything of the confederacy. The debate has reached Tyler in renaming Robert E. Lee high school.

Two petitions have circulated on-line. One, to leave the name alone has more than four thousand signatures. The other, for renaming it, reached more than 50 signatures. East Texans like Wade Brock described Robert E. Lee to be one of the 'finest Christian American generals.'

"Chances are Robert E. Lee will the be the same tomorrow and the next day than it is today," Wade said.

People such as D.G. Montalvo said renaming REL would be the right thing to do for Tyler. He said it doesn't matter how many people are for or against the name change, in the end, the school district would have to make the choice.

"Does the Tyler school board have the moral fortitude to do the right thing no matter what anybody else says?" Montalvo asked?

Robert E. Lee served as military officer with the confederate army. Born in Virginia, he quickly rose to the rank of the general during the American Civil War. Despite his rise in military success he surrendered to the Union Army in 1865, but he's still viewed as a significant part in American history.