BROWNSBORO - Family and friends mourned the life of Trevor Morris, a pastor of a church in Brownsboro who was killed in a plane crash. The Rock Hill Baptist Church opened its doors to Union Hill members for a prayer vigil. Brad Wallis said his friendship with Morris lasted for 10 years and he was more than a pastor who he worked with. Knowing his friend won't return to the pulpit left Wallis in shock.

"There's nothing I'm not going to miss about him, I truly loved him," Wallis said.

Wallis is one of the deacons at Union Hill. He said Morris had a genuine love for people and his devotion to God. Wallis described him to be the type of man who put others before himself. Wallis recalled the times he would call Morris for private or personal reasons and he would always take his time to talk to Wallis.

Morris had mentee at Union Hill. Aaron Greenwood described him to be a "great man of God." Greenwood leads the worship service but the first Sunday without their lead pastor won't be the same. Greenwood said the situation is bitter-sweet. He firmly believes Morris is in a better place.

"God is perfect so he's definitely in heaven," Greenwood said.

The vigil was filled with prayer and many comforted one another. Wallis said if he could have a chance to talk to Morris one more time, he'd express how he valued their friendship.

"I'm going to miss his love for people," Wallis said. "I'm going to miss his teachings because of how well he knew the bible and how well he could teach it."

Greenwood said Union Hill will still have church Sunday. He said Morris would have wanted it that way.