Candles, stuffed animals and letters that read 'you'll be missed', was placed at the entrance of Southside Elementary. The same school seven-year-old Kaylee and five-year-old Kenlie attended. A small vigil was held in memory of the two, who were described as having beautiful souls. To Darrian Pill, a parent who was in attendance, she said the two girls were 'full of life and energy all the time'.

"Like, my heart is torn," Pill said. "I really don't know how to feel and that's my situation right now. My heart breaks for them kids is what it is."

Parents tried to comfort their children during the sensitive moment. Many of them took the time to pray and pay their respects. To Pill, the amount of people who attended the vigil spoke to the level of impact the two had on others. Pill said the children will have great memories of Kaylee and Kenlie.

"They will carry out along with these children for the rest of their lives," Pill said.

A community, hurt. However, seeing people together, trying to heal gave Pill hope. To her, hopefully, it'll be okay.