Tyler attorney Alicia Cashell Barkley plans to declare her candidacy for Smith County District Attorney on Monday, the last day that candidates can file for the 2018 elections.

It had appeared as if there was going to be only one candidate on the ballot for Smith County District Attorney. In fact, Smith County DA Matt Bingham recently said Assistant DA Jacob Putman would be the next Smith County DA.

Barkley, a family law attorney practicing in Tyler, East Texas, Smith, Henderson and Cherokee Counties, will announce Monday afternoon she is opposing Putman in the 2018 Smith County DA's race.

A news conference is planned for 2 p.m. in the jury room of the County Courthouse during which she will announce her run for the office.

Putman recently came under scrutiny for his handling of a 2016 plea deal that allowed a man who beat a Smith County sheriff's deputy to go free after one year's jail time. The man is now accused of killing a state trooper on Thanksgiving Day.

Putman said he reduced the charge at the deputy's request and said he believed he had the authority to do so without his boss's signing off on the deal.