November 15th is America Recycles Day, a day to spread the word on how important it is to recycle. Paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, just some of the many materials that we consume every day.

"Everytime we divert from a landfill that saves money for us," Longview Sanitation and Beautification Manager David Simmons says. "Seventy percent of the materials we use daily can be recycled.

In Longview, every household is given a recycle bin. Longview resident, Amy Wingfield, has five kids. She is strong supporter of recycling.

"What can we give away that someone else can reuse, its really not that big of a deal and takes little effort," Wingfield says. "We use a lot of plastic bottles and they can easily be recycled."

Reusing materials can help taxpayers save money because landfills are expensive. Last year the city of Longview took 23 thousand tons of trash to the landfill. In comparison they sent three thousand tons of recyclables.

"We pay to drop everything off at the landfill, we pay about 22 dollars a ton," Simmons says. "When we can divert that from the landfill then we see that savings."

That means, Longview would save thousands of dollars if they recycled more. There is no charge to send recyclables away.

The city collects grass, trees, and garden waste. Once it is turned into compost. You can show your water bill, which gives Longview residents access to compost for free. This can save money throughout the year.

"It's a choice do I put it in the trash or do I put it in the recycling,"Simmons says. "It's very easy to separate your trash into the bin and we will take care of the rest."