KYTX - Nowadays, bullying doesn't stop at school. Since social media is linked to phones and tablets, bullying can linger even in the comfort of one's home. Something David Molak tried to escape from many times.

It's been almost a year since Molak took his own life, his family did everything they could to shield him from bullies. Now his family holds on to the memories of him.

"Just knowing that David is gone, not ever being able to see him again was a pain that is indescribable," Maurine, Molak's mother said.

Molak was mistreated and he even transferred schools, but the bullying wouldn't stop. His father Matt said his son was harassed and threatened.

Those who bullied David didn't go to court because a case couldn't be built under Texas law. However, State senator Jose Menendez and representative Ina Minajrez filed 'David's Law' to the state capitol. Hoping it would change how bullying is approached in schools.

Under David's Law, schools districts will have: cyber bullying policies, a system will be made for those who want anonymously give tips about bullying a threats and school districts will work with law enforcement to investigate bullying off campus.

CBS 19 talked to Molak's brother Chris on the phone. He said David was quiet, caring but because of the constant bullying, he was in pain.

"He showed a lot of sensitivity which manifest itself at times," Chris said.

Chris said there isn't a day he doesn't think of his baby brother.

"He used to love sports, fantasy analytics, he knew every stat-team," Chris said.

David's Law would make it a misdemeanor to electronically harass anyone under the age of 18.