There is no way to thank our veterans enough for their sacrifices. Non-profit, Operation Finally Home, to works to honor our veterans with new homes.

Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Andrews has served his country. He’s spent ten years fighting for our freedoms in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today he receives a gift in Tatum he says he will never forget.

"It's very surreal, it's such a blessing to know that we can provide for our children like this." Andrews says.

This is the 136th home the non-profit has helped to build for veterans. They are planning to give five more homes in January. "Operation Finally Home picks up the gap funding but the majority of things were donated,” Project manager Ronnie Lyles says. “Either time labor or material donated by the local builders in the community."

Staff Sergeant Andrews served as a Chaplin in the Army, and is now working on his masters in divinity.

Lyles tells me they look for veterans like Andrews because of their desire to continue impacting their communities.

During service, Andrews was injured by an IED and now is on 100 percent disability. Because of that he will never have to pay property taxes.

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