The attorney for Baylor's former Title IX coordinator told Channel 6 News Tuesday night that his client, Patty Crawford, would expose the University's Title IX violations on national TV.

Crawford, was set to appear on "CBS This Morning" October 5th, just two days after her resignation.

Baylor announced Crawford's resignation in a press release sent late Monday night.

Reports surfaced Tuesday that Baylor made a settlement offer to Crawford, but she reportedly rejected it.

Crawford's attorney, Rogge Dunn, would not comment on the specifics of those reports but he did release the following statement to Channel 6 News:

“I would like to respond. However, Texas law (Section 154.073) prohibits disclosure on the confidential mediation process. I am unaware of anyone from Baylor commenting for attribution regarding what happened. If they did, they are violating Texas law—which Patty and I will not do.”

“The bottom line: in all the other cases involving people in the know/on the inside: Starr, McCaw, Briles etc. Baylor has bought the participants’ silence. Patty is the first person to refuse to be silenced. She has filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights against Baylor for violating Title IX and retaliating against her for trying to follow Title IX."

Dunn went on to say that Crawford would expose Baylor’s Title IX violations when she appears on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday.

Baylor hired Crawford in November 2014 to implement and regulate the school's policies on sexual discrimination.

Baylor Director of Communications, Tonya Lewis, released a statement to Channel 6 around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.

"We were surprised by the action given her comments in August to the Waco Tribune-Herald about the support she felt from across the University. Her demand for one million dollars was surprising, and her request to retain book and movie rights was troubling. We can’t explain her motivation," the statement read.

"We are very proud of the substantial resources invested and the collaborative work we’ve been doing and will continue to do in the implementation of the Pepper Hamilton recommendations. Numerous members of the Title IX staff are involved across the implementation teams and have made tremendous contributions. A whole community is engaged in our ongoing efforts to improve our Title IX response."

Interim Baylor President, David Garland, issued a letter to students, faculty and staff on his University webpage Tuesday.

"Despite this recent personnel change, the office continues to have a capable, professional team to do its work, the statement read."

"We recognize our responsibility is to seek to prevent sexual assault and to respond with professional care for those who have been affected by it. I want you to be assured that our commitment remains resolute as we strive to cultivate a Christian community of care and respect for others."

The initial announcement came in a press release sent at 11:49 p.m. Monday night.

“Baylor University tonight (Monday) announces the resignation of Patty Crawford as the University’s Title IX Coordinator. Our understanding is that Patty was disappointed in her role in implementing the recommendations that resulted from the Pepper Hamilton investigation. The University is grateful for Patty’s leadership in establishing fair and equitable Title IX processes that are also supportive of the needs of survivors. We will always seek to continuously improve and are confident that the very capable Title IX staff will continue the important work of educating, supporting and responding to the needs of those impacted by interpersonal violence.”

Baylor has been at the center of a scandal involving sexual assaults on the campus and its failure to handle them properly.

Baylor hired the Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton in November of 2015 to investigate its handling of the sexual assaults. The nine month investigation found a "fundamental failure" to implement Title IX guidelines.

Head football coach Art Briles and President and Chancellor Ken Starr were both fired in the wake of the Pepper Hamilton findings.

The University claimed the law firm presented its findings verbally and did not provide a written report. The University released what it called a "findings of fact."

Dunn also represents former Baylor Assistant Athletic staffer, Tom Hill. Hill was also fired in the days after the investigation was released.

Dunn filed a petition in court in July, on behalf of Hill, requesting the University release all documents that would explain why he was fired. Hill withdrew that petition in September without saying why.