Ivan Starr was trying to log on to his Facebook account, one day, but couldn't. He soon realized his page was suspended over a comment that might have gone too far. One has probably noticed people arguing in the comment sections online. To Starr, it's [the comment section] the best part of social media. He said people's 'true colors' are exposed there often.

Starr is an avid Facebook user and his account locked for four day. He recalled the time he had an online altercation with another user. He described the conversation as 'colorful'.

"He had a few choice of words with me, cussed me out," Starr said.

In a 2012 study from the Pew Research Center, 11% of adults said they've seen people use offensive language frequently. According to Hootsuite, a social media management platform, Facebook has over a billion users.

The social media site has an extensive list of polices and community guidelines for users to follow in regards to online activity. Facebook said in part:

"You may encounter opinions that are different from yours...we may remove certain kinds of sensitive content or limit the audience that sees it,"

"The guy who I had words with it [Facebook] told me he reported two of my comments," Starr said.

One can express how they feel and give an opinion towards others, but one is taking the chance that the website could shut down a profile. In Starr's case, he brushed it off but said it's something he's learned from.

"I'm not perfect you know," Starr said. "I've said some stuff off the cuff."

Facebook does allow users to submit an appeal if a person felt the account was wrongfully disabled.