Bras for the Cause is back but with a twist.

Normally, firefighters model the bras down the runway, dancing and having a good time. This time military veterans will be taking the runway.

The veterans participating range in age from 20 to 50 years-old and they are men and women.

The theme this year is "Stop the War in my RACK" in honor of the veterans participating and to highlight the battles both groups face.

"What we found is that both breast cancer survivors and veterans both have the same struggle when they are battling cancer. It is a war. It is a fight. So we just want to be there for them." Amy Montanye with the Women's Council of Realtors said.

At the event there are bras and baskets sponsored by different businesses to be auctioned off. All baskets have a minimum of $250 worth of items within them.

The bras all have different themes. There is a puppy to "Save the Puppies", an "IT" themed bra, and one that will be many people's favorite - a Dallas Cowboys autographed bra!

The event happens tonight. Tickets cost $40 and can be found here or at the door. All proceeds from tickets will go to Susan G. Komen to be used locally. All other proceeds will go to Susan G. Koman and Combat Warriors, a group that works to honor and support veterans, active duty military, and their families.

It starts Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the KE Bushman Celebration Center in Bullard.