Relson Gracie, who's father helped create Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hosted a self-defense seminar for both young and old at Lone Star Mixed Martial Arts Gym.

World champion MMA fighters and partners Andrea Lee and Andy Nguyen helped with the adult seminar.

After fighter for her title, Lee said her biggest accomplishment is serving as a role model for her 5-year-old daughter.

"I guess she thinks I'm like a superhero,” Lee said. "You know, she's always bragging about me in school. She tries to tell her friends that her mommy's famous and on TV. She's like, "I'm famous, too. But they don't believe me mommy."

Gracie’s father, Helio Gracie, is one of the founders of the sport. Both Lee and Nguyen drove from Shreveport to assist in the seminar.

One by one, Gracie taught eager kiddos choke holds, take downs and blocking methods. All eyes watched intently, taking mental note before demonstrating to the class.

Then the adults stepped in.

"It just feels good to punch something. A punching bag, not a human being," Nguyen said, who's next match is in May.

She said the sport is a great stress relief, and the biggest lesson it teaches is self-discipline.

As parents looked on, watching their kids show off their new skills, lee watched her daughter follow in her mother's footsteps.

"I've never had to defend myself on the street, but I know that I can if that ever happens, and I think it's going to be funny for the person that does,” Lee said.