Buckner Westminster Place opened its doors 20 years ago with a goal to enrich senior living in the East Texas area.

To commemorate its 20th year, the community will bury a time capsule in the ground with residents' and team members' collective thoughts tucked inside.

“Though we opened 20 years ago, we wanted to capture what residents and team members are feeling right here and right now,” said Wes Wells, executive director of Buckner Westminster Place. “The time capsule is the perfect way to record our reflections in 2016. Leading up to and during the event, we will have everyone fill out questionnaires that will give us all some interesting perspectives to reflect on five years from now at the 25th anniversary celebration.”

The ceremony is planned outside by a lake on the property on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 10 a.m., and former and current residents, team members and families are welcome to attend.

Those who would like to participate will be given a questionnaire card to fill out. The cards will be collected and stored in the time capsule. Then a special concrete pour will seal the time capsule and place it into the ground.

“We feel privileged to serve seniors and their families in the Longview community for 20 years now,” said Wells. “It is a rewarding experience with meaningful memories made and fun life lessons learned. The residents are wise and have much wisdom to share with us all. We enjoy learning from them and hearing their stories every day. We are thankful to serve the greatest generation of all.”

Buckner Westminster Place will open the capsule in five years at the 25th anniversary celebration, during which they will read the notes collected this year and bury a new time capsule with the reflections of residents in 2021.