At least eight holes riddled the side of a house in Bullard.

That's the scene a family came home to on Tuesday, but they didn't know it at the time.

Marlene Golightly said she came home and started cleaning up. She noticed holes in the curtain of the room her niece shares with her daughter. At the time she was curious but didn't think too much of it.

After her niece got home from school, the eight-year-old asked her aunt to come look at something in the bedroom.

"I don't think momma put these holes in the wall." she said.

That's when Golightly realized those holes in the curtain were actually bullet holes. Behind the curtains the window was broken, and there were other holes in the wall.

More holes were across the room in the wall leading to the closet.

Destroying items that are irreplaceable.

"This is my dad's jacket. He passed away a couple years ago." the homeowner said.

Arriving at the house the grandfather of the young girl realized something wasn't right at the house next door.

He saw the neighbors door had holes in them that lined up perfectly with the holes coming into the house.

Based on an incident Bullard Police Department investigated earlier in the day they believe the suspect is the person who lives in that home.

A warrant is out for the suspects arrest which police believe will be made on Thursday. Police Captain, Jeff Bragg says they know where the suspect is at and have indicated he's not a threat at this time.

The family has been covering and filling in bullet holes keeping the little girl awake.