A Bullard home has been lost to a fire caused by a candle Saturday afternoon.

According to Smith County Fire Marshal, Connie Wasson, the homeowner told her that he lit a candle at the foot of his bed, and then he pulled his blankets over himself for a nap.

The homeowner was later woken up by his blankets that had caught fire. He attempted to put the fire out on his own, but was unable to and called 911.

At least 10 fire trucks from Noonday, WhiteHouse, Flint-Gresham,and Bullard fire departments responded to the scene.

According to Wasson this is the sixth structure fire of 2018 with just six days into the year.

Wasson cautions people to never light candles when you think you might not be able to stay awake to monitor them, and never have near combustibles like blankets or curtains.