Monday wraps up the first day of early voting in Texas. A record breaking 15.1 million people registered to vote in the state.

Like many people in this election, Sarah McMiller is a first time voter.

"I wasn't interested before, but since I got interested this year, I've been really focused on the candidates," she said.

McMiller said she feels this election is more pressing.

"To me, this is very important. Because I've been following the campaign ever since it started," said McMiller.

That may be why Smith County saw an uptick in registered voters, from 102,626 in the 2012 presidential election, to 135,185 this year.

Smith County election administrator, Karen Nelson said Monday reflected that.

"I knew we'd be busy but I did not expect to have a line throughout the entire day," said Nelson.

In fact, early voting totals in counties across Texas hit record breaking numbers today. In Smith County on Monday, a total of 5,762 people came out to vote. At last check, nearly 3,000 people voted in Gregg county.

"We just don't like standing in line at the last minute," Danna Sims. "We like to come early and get it over with."

Some voters cited the popularity of the presidential candidates as a reason for the spike in interest.

"It just seems like there are more issues going on this year," said Danna.

Her husband, Billy Sims, said he wants prayer back in schools. "We need to get back to Christian values," he said.

The Sims want everybody to get out and vote. "If you don't have a ride, just find somebody that you can ride with, it's so important to vote this year," said Danna.

Something McMiller hopes to do... not just this year, but for years to come.

"From here on out I'm voting, no matter what... I'm voting."