Governor Abbott signed House Bill 3899 into law this month, allowing legal protections for child care agencies based on their religious beliefs. But, California lawmakers say it's discriminatory and have issued a travel ban in response.

"We wanted to find ways to bring more good families to the table to help provide good homes for children who are in need," State Rep. Matt Schaefer, R – Tyler, said, "the goal is not to discriminate. The goal is actually to say, anybody can come to the table and if you are qualified, and you're going to provide a good home, then we're going to let you participate in the state's foster care system."

But lawmakers in California disagree, adding Texas to a list of seven other states that bans government funded travel.

California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra said it's due to discrimination.

"When California said we would not tolerate discrimination against the LGBTQ members of our community we meant it," Becerra said in a statement.

The goal is to impact travel. But, according to a recent Texas relocation report, the opposite is happening.
Texas ranks third in the U.S. for the number of people moving across states. The most popular out of state relocators are from California, with over 41,000 in 2015 alone.

There's also concern the ban could impact future collegiate sports in Texas. But, local representatives say not to worry.

"We're a better place to do business when it comes to taxes and regulation...and when you compare the freedom of Texas to the lack of freedom in California, there's no contest," Schaefer said.