Camp County EMS has new technology to help cardiac arrest patients. They use a battery-operated device that performs continuous chest compressions on a patient. This device opens the patient’s airways to breathe.

They’ve purchased four chest compression systems in December, since then the EMS have seen a significant increase in cardiac arrest survival.

Paramedics say, when they take a patient to the hospital, the paramedic is responsible for the patient’s entire care.

"With having to do chest compressions, having to push medications, having to ventilate a patient, basically having to manage the entire cardiac arrest by themselves," Camp County EMS Paramedic Cory Oglesby said.

Each device costs $15,000 and they have dived them up among Camp County and Upshur County. Camp County residents tell me they are glad to hear about this life saving technology.

"It makes me feel really good, my father in-law just had a heart attack a couple months ago, my dad is getting up there with new technology to help them live, makes me very happy," Camp County resident Jennifer Shastid said.

Officials tell me within the next month they are planning to purchase a fifth backpack this month.