With primary elections right around the corner, campaign signs are appearing across East Texas.

According to the Smith County Road and Bridge Department, however, those signs are being placed in right of ways and in medians, which is prohibited.

Kathi White with TxDOT says the law isn't just for appearances, it's for safety too.

TxDOT says you can usually identify the right of way by trees or power lines, and any political signs should be placed behind those areas.

"The reasoning behind that is safety," White said. "When you put things on the right of way illegally, it could lead to traffic crashes, somebody can't see around it."

Candidate signs can go up 90 days before the election, and must be taken down within 10 days after. The fine for violating this law can be up to $500, and if your sign is confiscated you can get it back for a fee.

If your sign has been removed, or if you have any questions about sign placement, you can contact Tyler TxDOT at (903) 510-9267.