The Canton tornadoes left many without shelter, including nearly 100 animals. On Thursday, those pups, kittens and a pig started the journey of finding forever homes in Tulsa.

A rescue mobile unit assisted transporting the animals where they will prepare them for adoption.

Dallas-Fort Worth based organization Animal Investigation and Response (AIR) has spent the last month helping out at the Canton Animal Shelter.

"Our volunteers have been traveling back and forth every single day. We've had numerous volunteers a day here, and we've probably spent about 800 volunteer hours to care for these animals," said Monica Ailey, President of AIR.

Ailey said the Canton Animal Shelter exceeded capacity two weeks after the tornado. The limit is 50 animals.

"We provided the resource of bringing a 40 ft trailer that has three air condition units in it, and so we were able to house overflow of the animals in there," Ailey said.

About 75 animals were unclaimed after the tornadoes.