LONGVIEW - After the brutal Canton tornadoes, Anne Bakola said she's lucky but she's still in some sort of shock. In a matter of minutes, tornadoes touched down in a rural part of a Canton neighborhood. She remembered she heard three different tornadoes came down in their area. The storms would leave behind damages, making it difficult to overcome.

"You want things to happen soon but they don't," Bakola said. "So you kind of have to wait."

It's been a couple of days since she and her husband have settled back in their home. However, they're faced with many obstacles. Still left with plenty of work to make their home livable.

"What we did everyday for an hour or two, we could come out here and work," Bakola said. "We didn't realize how bad it was until we came outside."

When the tornadoes passed by, Bakola said there were trees blocking the driveway. Without electricity or water, they were trapped in their house for two days. Downed trees totaled their cars, eventually it landed on their home. For 39 days, they lived at a motel. Bakola said it is going to take time in Canton to get people back to where they were. While many material processions can be replaced, Bakola said she's grateful she and her husband aren't hurt.

"I try and see the positive side of that, I got a new roof," Bakola said.

Although it will take some time to things to get back to normal.